25 Years of Talizi at a Glance: ‘We are continuously developing, staying updated with global trends in hair transplantation’

Talizi has been providing the highest quality hair restoration services in Georgia for over 25 years. Considered the first specialized clinic in the field of hair restoration in Eastern Europe, Talizi is famous for being a pioneer with successful practical experience in this field.

This year Talizi has been recognized by Georgia’s most prestigious and influential business awards, Golden Brand, for being the preferred hair transplantation and treatment clinic in the country.

We present an interview with Dr. Vazha Vadachkoria, Clinic Director, and plastic, reconstructive and hair transplant surgeon with more than 25 years of experience in the field. He has performed more than 20,000 surgeries during his long practice of hair restoration, and in plastic and general surgeries.

Q. In the category ‘hair transplantation and treatment’ Talizi has become the Golden Brand winner. What do you believe has led to your recognition as a leading brand by patients and experts, participants of the Golden Brand survey, and what does this acknowledgment mean to you?

A. Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the survey participants and to you for this great honor of receiving such recognition and a prestigious nomination.

Our clinic for hair transplantation is the first established in this field not only in Georgia but also in Eastern Europe. We are continuously developing and staying updated with the latest global trends. The success of our clinic is attributable to our team of professionals who have 25 years of experience in this field.

Q. How did Talizi develop over the years and how did you reach the leadership position?

A. Our doctors were trained in hair transplantation in America in 1995, and by 1998, Talizi was opened. While Japan is considered the birthplace of hair transplantation,Talizi is considered to be the first in the field in Georgia and Eastern Europe.

There is no congress and highly qualified training in the world that our team members do not attend.

Additionally, we have a training center in Talizi where we teach and train foreign doctors.

In 2019 Talizi refined and perfected its specific method, which includes important details such as shorter procedure time, increased viability of grafts, and complete painlessness of the procedure. Moreover, the post-procedural rehabilitation is as comfortable as possible, a result of 25 years of experience.

Q. Which services have risen in demand recently?

A. Hair transplantation is still the most popular procedure, with demand for a genetic test service introduced by our clinic, which allows us to create a customized treatment plan for each patient’s specific needs, is on the rise.

Of course, procedures for beard, eyebrow, and hair transplantation are highly sought after.

Q. On average, how many patients receive hair transplants per month at Talizi clinic? And what is the ratio of men to women?

A. In the Georgian branch, we provide services to around 100 customers every month as we have sufficient team resources and also participate in foreign projects. Our doctors are invited to conduct procedures in world-leading clinics. About 80% of our customers are men.

Talizi clinic is located in the center of Tbilisi, Saburtalo district, 27, Tashkenti Street. Also our team cooperates with the world’s leading clinics and our doctors visit them very often.

Q. There are posts on Talizi’s Facebook about the causes of hair loss in women, which gives me the impression that you are trying to reach out to female patients as well.

A. Women tend to be more conscious about their appearance, which makes them more aware of hair loss and treatment options. They usually seek a hair transplant only in exceptional cases and approach us in a timely manner for treatment procedures. This approach leads to the desired outcome for both the patients and the doctors.

Q. What is the share of foreign patients?

A. The pandemic has brought about a change in the situation. Before the pandemic, 70% of the patients were foreigners, but now 60% are Georgians. What makes us even happier is that Georgian patients have witnessed and acknowledged that transplants are carried out at the highest level in our country and they don’t need to travel abroad.

Q. Can you provide advice for proper hair care and preventing hair loss at an early age?

A. Genetics play a big role, but prevention is key: healthy habits, proper nutrition, sleep, stress management, and timely medical consultations.

Q. What are the upcoming plans for the development of the clinic?

A. Our plans are extensive. Although the pandemic posed some challenges, we utilized this period to introduce numerous innovations, procedures, and studies. Additionally, we have signed new memorandums with several leading clinics globally. We work tirelessly and stay updated with the latest trends in aesthetic medicine.