Bricorama Construction Materials Hypermarket Offers Outdoor Wholesale Space, Launches Online Shop

Bricorama, the first ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) concept hypermarket in Georgia, has offered an outdoor construction-wholesale space and launched an online shop amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The outdoor space presents a wide selection of construction and wood materials, at the best price in the city, says the company.

As the outdoor space is of a wholesale format, customers enjoy special offers and discounts.

Bricorama is also updating its webpage and has recently launched an online shop which allows consumers to buy 55,000 products offered by the hypermarket without leaving home.

The 55,000 products are united in four categories: construction, renovation, yard and decoration, while their quality is in line with top standards.

“100% of the imported products presented in the hypermarket Bricorama fully meet the EU standards and are the exact analogy of the products presented in the European network of Bricorama. Each product we offer had undergone all kinds of quality and safety certifications, which is quite rare for the Georgian market,” Director of Bricorama Mamuka Dolidze told Golden Brand.

BricorameBricorama, France’s largest retailer for home repair and personal design products entered Georgia back in 2016 and brought 42 years of experience to the local market.

“The DIY concept, which refers to building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals, was also new for the local market.” Dolidze stated.

He says that Bricorama had plans to add new branches in Gldani district of Tbilisi and in Batumi.

However, due to the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic in the country the Gldani project has been suspended, while the opening of a branch in Batumi has been postponed for a year.

“We hope that the situation will return to the previous pace soon and we will be able to offer more innovations to our consumers. What I can definitely say is that the quality of our products and price are the most competitive on the market,” Dolidze said.

What was the major challenge caused by the pandemic for Bricorama?

The pandemic has significantly changed the situation on the market and similar to many companies we faced new challenges. However, I can say that we managed to overcome the challenges successfully. The company’s major challenge now is to return to the before-pandemic trend. We are hopeful that we will reach the goal after the end of the pandemic.

How do you attract consumers?

We constantly offer customers different seasonal promotions and best prices on all categories of products presented in the hypermarket. We also have round the year promotions.

For instance, the permanent promotions for 2021 are as follows: 15% discount on purchases of products worth 800 GEL and more. 20% discount on purchases of products worth 2,500 GEL and more. Every Tuesday 15% discount on purchases of any products. In addition, we gift consumers a 200 GEL voucher for every 1,500 GEL purchase in the construction wholesale space. We also have a ‘Compare Price and Quality’ campaign which means that if one buys a product in Bricorama and finds the same product at a lower price elsewhere we pay double for the difference.

Apart from promotions, what loyalty programs do you have for customers?

There are different types of loyalty programs in Bricorama, depending on the needs of consumers. We have a bonus card. When a consumer uses the card while paying for an item, they receive 2.5% of the paid amount back to the card in the form of points. Also, since 2020 we have made a special offer to craftsmen. Under it, every craftsman who takes the craftsman card has a permanent 15% discount.

Is the competition high on the market?

New players are constantly emerging on the market in our sector which indicates that Georgia has a big potential in this field. Consequently, the environment is also quite competitive. That is why we are doubly happy to gain the status of a Golden Brand in this category.

What was the pandemic impact on the company’s sales?

The pandemic, of course, had an impact on sales statistics. We have been working in a very unstable environment for a year now. However, we try our best to adapt quickly to the changing environment and despite the given situation, we exceed the planned budget by four per cent. Congratulations on receiving the Golden Brand award. What factors came together to make this happen?

Thank You! 2020 was a very challenging year and we have done our best to stand by consumers through very competitive prices and a flexible service. Consequently, over the course of four years on the market we have a number of satisfied and loyal consumers. We are very proud of the award and I think that the trust and satisfaction of our consumers helped us receive this award.

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