Construction Company Kgroup Enjoys 20% Growth on Georgian Market

Georgian construction and repair company Kgroup has achieved 20% growth in the field of construction and metal product manufacturing.

According to statistics, Kgroup carried out 38 repair projects (+14.6%), 78 projects in construction (+30%), and 144 projects in metal product manufacturing (+55.4%) in 2022.

Korneli Khvedelidze, Director of Kgroup, said demand for services in the construction sector is growing every day.

“Kgroup cooperates with large companies such as M2, Villa Residence, Anagi development, Archi, Element Construction. This is not the full list, of course. The quality work of Kgroup and its professional team have made many partner companies want to continue working with us,” he said.

Khvedelidze also informed readers of Golden Brand “with great joy” that Kgroup was “one step closer” to becoming the largest metal products company in the South Caucasus. He added that completely “new and modern” tools introduced to the company last year have significantly simplified the work process. The company even set an ambitious goal to start exporting its metal furniture abroad.

“We are offering even higher-quality metal products and construction facilities to customers and vow to continue growth and the development in the future,” Khvedelidze said.

Kgroup has been operating on the Georgian market since 2014 and has established a

leading position in its field.

The company manufactures metal gates, railings, grilles and household items, as well as metal structures for large, industrial constructions. It owns a holding in the eastern city of Rustavi, which allows the company to serve customers virtually throughout Georgia while being headquartered in the capital city of Tbilisi.

Khvedelidze recalls that there were “many obstacles, many achievements, but the enthusiasm, dedication, and years of experience of the people working in our company have helped us to overcome all difficulties.”

Khvedelidze says that the company went through “many new things, obstacles and experiences” last year.

“Ukraine, which is now fighting Russia, was one exporter of metal goods. Due to unfortunate events, the import of metal was interrupted and Turkey became our main supplier. We had to find new contacts in order to continue our work perfectly and with quality. We managed to achieve this goal,” he said.

Khvedelidze considers the biggest achievement of the company creating quality products that were not produced in Georgia before Kgroup and restoring trust in craftsmen.

The successful development of the company has been crowned by the Golden Brand award this

year, which recognized Kgroup as Georgian customers’ favorite manufacturer of metal products.

Q. Due to the successful activities of 2022 Kgroup once again became the winner of the Golden Brand award. How has the company managed to maintain this award and the title of favorite manufacturer of metal products?

A. The Golden Brand award we received last year was a recognition of the company’s reliability, the quality of its products, and appreciation of the work of its employees. All this motivated us to keep going, to prepare for the changing environment, to introduce innovations, to listen to customers and offer them even more diverse, sophisticated and even higher quality products and services.

Enthusiasm, loyalty of the people in the team, motivation received from you became a prerequisite for the fact that we once again earned the award which is often referred as the “Business Oscars” of Georgia.

Q. You said that completely “new and modern” tools had been introduced to Kgroup. What new features have these tools added?

A. Today we are equipped with new machine tools, and in the future we plan to make even more diverse both our equipment and manufactured products.

Thanks to the existing modern equipment, currently we can fulfill orders in a shorter period of time, and we have the opportunity to cut and process the metal with millimeter accuracy, which affects the quality and increases productivity – more products can be made with less effort than in the past.

All this helps us get relevant certificates, adapt to EU standards, think about going outside of Georgia and offering European quality products to foreign countries.

Q. Your goal is to make Kgroup the largest metal products company in the South Caucasus. What about in Georgia? What is the company’s position here?

A. I can confidently say that we are one of the largest companies in Georgia, which offers customers comfort in service, the highest quality metal products and construction objects made in full compliance with regulations.

As far as metal goods, I can proudly say that we are the leaders in the market and we have a 20% share, which increases every year. As Michael Jordan once said, “talent wins games but only teamwork wins championships”. Thanks to my team’s hard work and enthusiasm, the market share of Kgroup will continue to grow and our leadership position will be maintained in the future.

We will also soon be the largest and most reliable enterprise in the South Caucasus.

Q. You mentioned export plans several times. Which countries are you thinking of cooperating with, and what type of furniture are you thinking of exporting?

A. Negotiations regarding the export of metal furniture were conducted with neighboring countries, but so far work on this issue has been suspended due to global crises and unfortunate events.

We stand by Turkey and Ukraine and wish them a peaceful life. Discussions on furniture export will definitely continue and we will be able to offer neighboring countries comfortable and high-quality furniture made of natural loft materials in the near future

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