Element Construction Aims to Expand Services Beyond Georgia

Element Construction, a leading industrial construction company in Georgia, is striving to scale new heights and extend its services not only in the country but also beyond, Aleksandre Okroshidze, CEO of the company told the Golden Brand.

“The international standards introduced by our company, which are confirmed by various certificates, allow us to bring our services outside of Georgia. Accordingly, we are working dynamically to expand the scale of operations,” he said.

In this interview we discuss the company’s success, its activities in the field of industrial construction, and its plans to cooperate with more international brands.

Q. In the category of “Industrial Construction” Element Construction again won the Golden Brand award as a favorite brand. What drives the company’s leadership?

A. The success of Element Construction is not attributable to any one factor, but rather to the synchronization of multiple successful processes, which creates a dynamic result. Today, Element Construction is a well-known company that undertakes the largest industrial projects in Georgia, both in terms of design and construction. The company has a diverse portfolio of clients, including local and international representatives from various sectors. With 17 years of experience, a range of completed projects, and a drive for innovation, we maintain our position as the leading company in industrial construction.

Q. What led to Element Construction’s success in 2023, and how did the company benefit its customers through its activities in the field of industrial construction?

Q. In 2023 Element Construction had an outstanding year due to its activities in the field of industrial construction. The company carried out several projects using reinforced concrete structures from its mother company Element Holding. This resulted in shortened construction-installation terms, cost optimization, and increased indicators of quality and operation, which benefited our customers. The company always strives to meet the specifications of our customers’ field of activity and offer innovations that will have a positive impact on their business activities in the long term.

To address the problem of deficient professions in the construction field, Element Construction decided to partner with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to open a professional education training and retraining center.

Q. Please tell us more about this partnership.

A. The partnership with the USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program has the objective of improving the quality of vocational education, promoting access to employment, and encouraging economic growth. The project involves 13 authorized programs, the participation of foreign experts, the reconstruction of the building intended for the training center, and the training and employment of approximately 300 students. Prior to the selection of the programs, a survey of the construction sector requirements was commissioned by Element Construction. During the survey, employers identified areas in which there was a lack.

Q. I want to ask about Element Holding, whose leading brand is Element Construction. Can you provide an update on the development of your daughter companies last year?

A. I believe that the subsidiaries of Element Holding had a successful year. Their achievements are evident in the number of ongoing projects and the expansion of services.

The Holding offers a diverse range of services, including industrial and decorative floors, waterproofing and electromechanical engineering systems, production and installation of steel structures, sale of construction materials and light equipment, labor safety and construction quality, rental and transportation of construction equipment and inventory, and more.

The resources of over 10 specialized companies under Element Holding are frequently utilized in Element Construction projects, which is very convenient for the customer due to the complexity of the projects.

Q. In an interview with us last year, you mentioned plans to cooperate with more international brands. Could you please update us on any new agreements you have made?

A. Element Construction renovated the office of Girteka, one of Europe’s largest logistics companies. We continued successful collaboration with international brands like Coca-Cola and Wendy’s.

Overall, Element Construction cooperated with a number of large-scale brands in the industrial sector last year. Some of these brands include Coca-Cola, LTB, GLC, West Invest, IG Agro, Dry Port, Binekhi, Sonniva Georgia, Alfa Pet, Libo Group, Wine Kakheti, Golden Farms, Villa Capital, EFES Georgia, Noste, A logistics Company, and more.

Meanwhile, the civil construction portfolio includes projects with M2, Archi, Lisi Development, Dadiani Residence, Tbilisi Oriental, Wendy’s, and IberCompany.

Projecting and interior design services are in high demand for both industrial and commercial facilities.

Q. The construction industry is currently very active. How well-prepared is Element Construction to handle an increase in orders?

A. We are fully prepared to handle construction needs across all sectors, regardless of scale or complexity.