Monge Georgia:  Italian Pet Food Brand Wins Golden Brand Award

Monge Georgia, an Italian company that offers food for dogs and cats, has been awarded the Golden Brand, the most prestigious domestic business award in the country, for being the favorite animal feed brand.

CEO of the company, Zurab Dzidziguri, sat down with Golden Brand to introduce the newcomer company at the awards, review its development dynamics on the market, and share some future plans. He also promised Monge products would be available in Georgia with a “wider range of assortment”.

Q. In the category ‘favorite animal feed’, Monge Georgia has won the Golden Brand award. What sets Monge Georgia apart from other companies, in your opinion?

A. Most of us have a tendency to stick with what works best, especially when it comes to our pets. If you notice that your dog or cat is happy, healthy, and looking good after eating food, it’s likely that you’ll continue to choose that same food.

Monge superpremium food is an excellent choice for pet owners as it provides all the essential nutrients for the normal growth and development of pets. The food is well-balanced and much better than regular choices.

Monge food is not just for everyday use; it also has special nutrition for nursing mothers, puppies, and kittens, and importantly, a therapeutic and healing diet.

Overall, Monge food strengthens and maintains pet health, improves activity, and protects against diseases.

Q. How has Monge Georgia been developing in Georgia over the years?

A. Our company has been representing the Monge brand in Georgia since November 2020. During this time, we have observed it keeping pace with the European and global markets. Brand awareness and trust among consumers are also increasing significantly, according to authoritative international publications and field research data.

Q. What types of products do you offer in Georgia?

A.  In Georgia, Monge offers over 150 products for cats and dogs under seven different lines, including Monge Super Premium, Monge Gift, Monge Vetsolution, Monge BWild, Monge Gemon, Simba, and Lechat.

Q. Where can we buy Monge products in Georgia?

A. Monge products are available for purchase at pet stores, veterinary clinics, and online platforms, with fast delivery services available throughout Georgia.

Q. How popular are Monge products in our country?

A. As pet owners’ habits show, industrial and properly produced food has taken its rightful place among Georgian consumers.

Monge products have become one of the most in-demand pet foods in Georgia and occupy leading positions in the market.

The food is produced with the help of the top professionals and veterinarians in the field, making it easier for us to choose the best for our pets.

Q. Monge offers very distinctive and specific products, such as Dental Rabbit and peppermint and Dental Rabbit with sage. What are some other products that cater to specific needs of our pets?

A. Monge food lines offer a rare chance for both cats and dogs to consume the same protein composition in dry, wet, and snack forms, which can reduce the possibility of allergic reactions in your pets.

The products you mentioned are functional cat treats from the Monge Gift line. The Dental treat is designed to remove dental plaque and prevent oral hygiene issues.

Monge Dental Rabbit and peppermint – these are snack pads with a crispy outer layer and a soft peppermint filling, which promotes oral hygiene and maintains fresh breath.

As for Monge Dental Rabbit with sage, this soft sticks snack variety of fresh raw rabbit meat with the addition of sage also promotes oral hygiene.

Q. Please share the sales figures of 2023-2022 and top-selling products.

A. Based on the data for 2022-2023, Monge products have experienced a growth of over 140% in the Georgian market.

The top-selling products are animal protein such as lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, and salmon.

The Monge VetSolution line of dietary complete feed intended for animals with special nutritional needs is noteworthy. This line is for neutered cats.

Additionally, canned ‘wet food’ in the form of pâté is highly recommended with dry food.

Q. What are the company’s plans for the future?

A. Our primary goal is to prioritize the well-being of pets, now considered family members. Monge intends to continue providing customers with high-quality products that offer balanced, wholesome, and delicious food options for cats and dogs, suitable for all breeds, sizes, ages, and lifestyles.

In the future, Monge products will be available in Georgia with a wider range of assortment, and customers will be able to purchase them through a variety of trade outlets and sales channels.