RERA To Begin Exporting Georgia-Made Frozen Food Products in 2022

Nick Lomidze

Georgian brand RERA, producing frozen foods and smoked fish, plans to export its products this year. 

“This is a big challenge for us and requires us to expand production, increase productivity, rearrange work processes, and adapt logistics to a new model,” Commercial Director of the company Nick Lomidze said.

G&A GROUP, established in 2012, is a key importer of frozen meat and fish in Georgia. Having 7,000 ton-capacity A+ warehouses, it holds a significant share in the premium storage market. Co-funded by the Enterprise Georgia state program, RERA launched operations in 2016 as a subsidiary of G&A Group.

“Georgian Agricultural Support program ARDA financed an increase of frozen food production capacity to 400 tons per month in 2020. Our distribution team covers all of Georgia, reaching 4000 grocery shops daily.

“The company’s mission is to save time for home cooking.  Of greatest importance is the quality of food and delicious meals. The company hopes to have a place in the fridge of every family in Georgia,” Lomidze said.

The RERA trademark holds ISO 22000: 2005 HACCP, ISO 9001 quality compliance certificates.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. This is RERA’s first Golden Brand. What does this recognition mean to you?

A. Winning the Golden Brand award is the most important achievement of this year, as it is the highest award and recognition which probably any company receives with great appreciation.

RERA won the Golden Brand thanks to its professional team and their efforts. Also, RERA products are distinguished by their quality. We regularly monitor the quality of RERA products to ensure they meet standards.  

In addition, G&A is a stable company in terms of supplying its network with products. 

The company pays special attention to industrial hygiene, product quality, commercial security and cyber security.

Under the brand name RERA we produce about nineteen types of frozen foods. The highest demand on the market is pelmeni, number one in sales.

RERA products are available in almost every supermarket chain in Georgia. 

Q. Are RERA products imported or locally produced?

A. RERA products are produced in Georgia. The production uses both imported and local supplies of raw materials. The company is distinguished in the Georgian market by its latest equipment and machinery, in full compliance with ISO and HACCP standards.

Q. RERA was going to open a new factory which would produce about 400 tons of semi-finished product. How has the company fulfilled this plan?

A. In 2019 the company invested one million euros to expand its business and increase production capacity to 400 tons. We have reached this milestone and plan to expand in the coming months. 

Q. The Georgian market is saturated with frozen food products, be they local or imported. What distinguishes RRERA products from the rest, what is the competitive advantage of RERA?

A. On the one hand I would point out RERA’s healthy and natural ingredients as an important advantage. In production we use all natural ingredients, NO substitutes. Beef, pork, chicken fillet, Imeruli and sulguni cheeses, fresh vegetables and herbs are all of the highest quality. 

On the other hand, hygienic standards are strictly observed in production. Production standards are controlled according to the established recipe of the product. All manufactured products undergo laboratory and consumer taste control. The taste of the product is tailored to mass standard. That’s why our products are not overly spicy or salty. We allow the customer to enjoy the meal according to their own taste.

RERA products are also as affordable as possible. The price is adjusted to the premium class price segment. In addition, we have discount promotions along the network and this makes our products even more affordable.

Q. How healthy is the competition in the frozen food product market in Georgia?

A. I can say there is healthy competition in the frozen food products market. There are some small producers who can’t comply with technology standards, but their share is not large. Competition strengthens and gives us incentive to be the best to invest more in technologies.  The rest is determined by customer loyalty. We listen to our customers. 

Q. What is RERA’s market share?

A. Compared to last year, RERA’s market share has increased. RERA currently holds about 20% of the market.

The main factors that determine RERA’s growth are product awareness, constant monitoring of compliance with standards, and customer confidence. 

Q. How have sales of RERA products increased in 2021?

A. From 2019 to 2021 the company’s sales increased by 70%.

Q. What are the challenges your company faces on the market and how would you like the business environment to be improved in Georgia?

A. The biggest challenge for the company at this stage is to maintain stability, because both the import market and the local market face risk factors such as raw material shortages, price changes, and supply difficulties. We wish for peace and stability both in the country and the world.

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