First Georgian Business Radio Station Commersant Offers More Projects to Inform, Encourage Business

Georgia’s first business radio station Commersant, which began ‘filling the gap’ back in 2008 and has been informing the business sector over economic developments in the country for 12 years, has strongly modified its content during the pandemic to inform and at the same time encourage the business sector.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the agenda of the 40 professionals at the radio station who remotely provide competitive and unbiased media products.

However, Commersant management says that the pandemic has made it possible to make a variety of thematic shows with live coverage.

“The pathos of the shows has also changed. We try to show business success stories of overcoming the crisis,” Director of Commersant Goga Samushia told Golden Brand.

Samushia says that the slogan ‘first business radio station’ has reflected the agenda of Commersant for 12 years, since its foundation.

“The idea of founding the radio station was dictated by the lack of information for businesses concerning economic news and processes in the county. It can be said that we are growing and improving ourselves together with Georgian business,” Samushia stated.

He says that along with providing unbiased information in a professional manner, Commersant staff ‘is trying to feel the need for its content for business and therefore for the country.’

“It is a big responsibility,” Samushia says.

goga samushiaHow has the pandemic impacted the radio station’s income?

Commersant as a business entity has faced similar problems as has Georgian business as a whole. With the decline in business activity, the advertising market has shrunk which is a major source of income for media outlets.

Nevertheless, Commersant managed to fully retain its staff. As the economy is reopening, advertising activities are also increasing which gives us incentive to create more interesting and competitive content to interest businesses.

We expect the advertising market will return to the pre-2019 level by the end of the year if the Georgian healthcare field carries out its plans as intended.

How has your coverage of the news changed since the pandemic?

We have offered more specific topics and covered additional sectors. In order to increase the quality of our content, we are trying to involve more and more specialists and experts in the production process. Along with traditional business activities, we have recently offered listeners coverage on technology and cyber security.

We have reports on business disputes and the role of the court in business development. We have just started a project about the insurance sector, we are sure it will be interesting for listeners and the insurance sector itself.

Municipal elections are scheduled for this year. Commersant will traditionally offer its listeners an overview of the economic programs or initiatives presented by all candidates and a full expert analysis of these programs.

Commersant is a partner of the Golden Brand. Why have you been a supporter of this event for so many years?

The Golden Brand Award is an incentive for business development. The pandemic can be said to have given some impetus and encouraged novel, new-reality-adapted business initiatives.

Therefore, despite the current situation, I hope that new Georgian brands will appear on the market again this year, which will be able to become nominees for Golden Brand in the future.

It is important for Commersant to support Golden Brand in finding new businesses and to support them.

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