Gianti Logistics Transporter Company to Open a Branch for Europe, Central Asia

Gianti Logistics plans to open a representative branch office in Europe and Central Asia in the near future, owner and Managing Director of Gianti Logistics David Tugushi told Golden Brand.

The company has been operating on the Georgian market since 2005, transporting all types of cargo.

 Since its opening in the capital Tbilisi 16 years ago the company has actively participated in major, regional projects, including the construction of the South Caucasus pipeline, the Shah Deniz project and SOCAR Azerikimya.

Among the large projects are the delivery of a 640-ton tree from Buknari to Shekvetili and a cafe-restaurant in Anaklia which is located at the Enguri river mouth, at the very point where the river meets the Black Sea.

gianti logistic

“We built a terminal in Poti and significantly improved our technical base. We opened an office in Azerbaijan back in 2017. We have had an ISO certificate since 2015 and Gianti Logistics has become a direct contractor of BP. We are actively cooperating with DHL. Most of our partner companies are international companies. We have a lot of reliable partners all over the world,” Tugushi said.

With 200 employees, Gianti Logistics transfers all types of cargo – gauge, bulk, containered load, full-truck-load, less-than-truckload, heavy, oversized hauling and rigging, specialized equipment, etc.

The fleet is composed of 100 vehicles which are of Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards and are maintained in the company’s own service shop.

Through their own fleet the company transfers cargo to the South Caucasus, Central Asia and CIS countries and carries out international transfers to any location in the world.

The company head office is located in Tbilisi, while other offices inside the country are in Poti, Kutaisi, Zestafoni and Batumi.

Gianti Logistics has also implemented the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) policy – a sign the company is in line with high standards of labour safety.

Q. What was the impact of the pandemic on the company?

A. Transportation of cargo from China was in demand before the pandemic. However, during the pandemic and at present, there is a high demand for Russian and European destinations.

Q. What are the advantages of Gianti Logistics compared with competitors?

A. Our major advantages include our technical base, professional staff and international partners. As I have already mentioned we have been involved in a number of projects, including the large projects which have regional importance. This expertise really sets us apart. The motto of Gianti Logistics is ‘we make it happen.’ And this motto even worked during the pandemic. We did not stop even for a second, nor did we reduce staff. This is only further proof.

Q. Can you name some of the specific activities of 2020 which have brought you the Golden Brand award?

According to the National Statistics Office, our company has been in first place in terms of labour remuneration rate for several years.

Our professionalism and credibility are evidenced by our projects and partners. We believe that during the pandemic we have responded to the challenges appropriately.

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