Industrial Construction Company Ecohouse Rebrands Itself, Establishes as a Holding

Davit Morchiladze
Davit Morchiladze

One of Georgia’s largest industrial construction companies, Ecohouse, has transformed itself into a holding company, and will continue operations on the market as IC Holding. 

IC Holding is the first company in Georgia to operate in all phases of industrial construction.

IC Holding includes ICcompany (industrial construction), ICfactory multifunctional enterprise), ICbeton (installation of the industrial floors) and ICpanel (sandwich panel manufacturing factory).

In this interview with Golden Brand, General Director of ICcompany Davit Morchiladze and Commercial Director of the company Giorgi Perishvili summarized the history of Ecohouse from its establishment to the present.

Giorgi Perishvili
Giorgi Perishvili

Q. What were Ecohouse’s first steps and how has it developed over the years?

Morchiladze: When Ecohouse was founded in 2015, the main activity of the company was to import and sell innovative roofing materials and wall sandwich panels for construction, which at the time were unique products on the Georgian market. Also, we have been undertaking industrial site construction projects since the founding of the company. 

Over the past six years and several big changes, the company has grown considerably.

The combination of innovations and changes led us to launch the rebranding process and to establish the holding. From 2022 we will continue to work under the name of IC Holding.This will be a precedent in Georgia, where the companies included in the holding will cover all areas of industrial construction. 

We have many big goals and challenges ahead which we plan to manage successfully.

Q. IC Holding now unites four different companies. Please introduce all four of them separately.

Perishvili: Yes, there are four companies united in the holding and they complement each other  to cover all areas of industrial construction.

ICcompany specializes in industrial construction and architecture, and covers all phases of the field. We have already completed various projects, such as wine factories, dry storages, fruit processing plants, cold storage facilities, and data centers.

ICfactory holds the multifunctional enterprise, which is composed of a highly qualified and well-experienced workforce. Enterprise is mainly focused on manufacturing containers for different purposes such as living, security cabins, office, commercial and WC. We also produce all accessories for the containers, even the aluminum and PVC doors and windows.

ICbeton offers installation of different types of industrial floor coverings intended for either offices or homes, in particular industrial concrete flooring, polymer flooring and epoxy flooring. 

One of the most important goals of our company is to provide high-quality performance in order to create the basis for the client to plan and manage the work process efficiently, in a safe environment, and without delays from our side.

We are planning to open soon a new, European-style, modern factory, which will operate under the name of ICpanel. The factory will produce polyurethane sandwich panels of any thickness and specification.

Q. What is the goal of the newly created holding, what do you want to achieve?

Morchiladze: Our goal is to keep our status as a leader in the field of industrial site construction, to establish long-term partnership with our clients and to offer the entire range of industrial services to our customers, and be reliable partners to them.

Our mission is to promote the development of industrial operations in Georgia and support the sustainable development of the country’s economy. We aim to offer customized, individual solutions to clients and ensure their completion.

Q. How many projects have been undertaken by Ecohouse in Georgia?

Perishvili: We have been doing industrial site construction projects since the foundation of the company. We have already completed the whole process of the design and construction of nearly 150 industrial buildings.

​Q. During its six years of existence, Ecohouse was nominated twice for the Golden Brand for being the number one company in the field of industrial construction. What led Ecohouse to this success in your opinion?

Morchiladze: The consistent growth and development of the company, well-guided management, our team, the quality and services we offer our customers… I think it is these factors that led Ecohouse to its Golden Brand award and it is these factors which distinguish us from other companies.

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