Korean Razor Giant Dorco Brings ‘The Science Behind Perfect Shave’ to Georgia

Libo Group, a Georgian company for marketing, sales, and distribution, has introduced Dorco, a 60-year-old South Korean razor brand with innovative and high-quality products for both men and women, along with the science behind the perfect shave, to the Georgian market.

Famous for its “world firsts” that include the curved blade, the six-blade razor, and the seven-blade razor, Dorco has soon become a sales leader in Georgia, with a market share of almost 30% as of today.

Natia Nadirashvili, the Public Relations Manager at Libo Group, said Dorco is “successful” both in Georgia and Armenia, where the company established a branch four years ago.

Its level of innovation and efforts to advance shaving technology have led Dorco to become one of the most recognized shaving companies in the world, and in Georgia, where it has been awarded with the Golden Brand in the category ‘Innovative Technologies’.

Meet the South Korean brand taking on the Georgian shaving market – Dorco – that promises “great comfort” and the “smoothest results” to its customers.

Q. Dorco has won the Golden Brand award in the category ‘innovative technologies’. Please tell us what makes the brand innovative.

A.  Dorco’s shaving products are highly innovative, and this can be attributed to several factors.

Dorco razors are renowned for being made of pure steel, which sets them apart from other razors. The company has invested heavily in technology, research, and development, which has paid off and laid the foundation for a wide range of shavers. Dorco’s innovations include a flexible cartridge, micro blades, and the world’s first six- and seven-blade razors.

Unlike welded blades, Dorco’s blades are bent, allowing accurate shaving with precision blades. What’s more, this construction allows for an open-flow blade cartridge, making the razor easier to rinse.

Additionally, if you want to try different blades in our range, you can change your refill cartridges whenever you want. Our common docking system means any of our blade cartridges will fit your razor handle.

The Dorco brand has earned customer approval from the start due to innovative, quality products and excellent communication.

Q. What were the dynamics of brand development in Georgia?

A. Dorco has been in Georgia for a decade. The brand’s growth rate has always been dependent on the quality of its products. After the Libo Group became the official representative of Dorco, the growth rate significantly increased.

As for the Libo Group, it is one of the largest distribution and marketing companies in Georgia, which covers the entire territory of the country and supplies the consumer network with the products of the world’s leading brands. Its purpose is to help partners and suppliers establish effective communication with customers.

The company has been operating on the Georgian market for two decades, and at the same time, is trying to expand its business outside the borders of the country.

Q. Why did the Libo Group decide to introduce this Korean brand in Georgia?

A. The decision to market Dorco was based on the quality of its products and the brand’s long-standing reputation.

Since 1955 Dorco has been a trusted name in the shaving industry, with a track record of producing some of the world’s most advanced razors, including curved, six-blade, and seven-blade models.

The company’s commitment to innovation has made it one of the most recognized and sought-after shaving companies in 130 countries across the globe.

Q. Does Libo Group offer the latest collections of Dorco products in Georgia?

A. Both men’s and women’s disposable razors are available in Georgia, including the premium quality DORCO CLASSIC 7-blade razor, which is from the latest collection.

Q. Could you please share the sales statistics as well?

A. In 2023 there was a significant increase of 30% in sales, as compared to the previous year.

The foremost product in Dorco’s portfolio is a unique and unparalleled 6-blade disposable razor, which has no equivalent on the Georgian market.

Q. What is the current market-share of Dorco in Georgia?

A. Currently, Dorco holds 29% of the Georgian market-share.

Q. The market is highly competitive, so what do you believe sets Dorco apart from its competitors?

A. There is fierce competition in the market, but Dorco stands out with its focus on quality and innovation, which customers appreciate.

Q. What are the future plans of Libo Group in relation to Dorco?

A. In the future, there are plans to expand Dorco’s portfolio and introduce new innovative products to Georgia. We will inform our customers about all this for sure, so stay tuned.