Medical Equipment and Disposables Importer Company AMTS Receives Int’l Standard Certificate

Advanced Medical Technologies and Service (AMTS), a medical equipment and disposables importer company in Georgia, has received the international standard certificate ISO9001.

George Nikolaishvili, director and co-founder of AMTS, told Golden Brand that the company is developing year by year and is not going to stop.

He says that AMTS is in ‘constant communication’ with international partners to introduce the latest diagnostic and therapeutic medical technologies (both equipment and disposables) in Georgia to ensure on-site top-standard treatment conditions for patients in Georgia.

George NikolaishviliFounded back in 1998, the company has been operating on the Georgian and the whole Caucasian market for almost a quarter of a century and is a leader in the field.

During these years, the company has established close partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment and disposables.

“We have introduced new technologies and directions in the Georgian medical field. We are constantly seeking to further educate and train our staff as well as support healthcare professionals to boost qualification and experience. All these has resulted in a highly professional and experienced team. We have a special approach”, Nikolaishvili said.

AMTS offers all types of medical equipment and disposables, including medical instruments, for almost every field of medicine.

The company is the exclusive representative of leading companies in the world as: Philips Medical Systems, Medtronic (Covidien), B / Braun, Terumo, Teleflex, Cook, Tuttnauer, Carestream (Kodak) and many others.

Composed of more than 50 employees, AMTS covers the entire territory of Georgia (except the occupied regions) and the Caucasus region as well and serves both public and private medical institutions.

How accessible are your prices for the products you offer?

Initially we had plans to focus on high quality products only. However, considering the demands and situation on the market and inside our country, we are currently covering all segments. In the cases where a low price is important, we try to offer customers second-hand or refurbished medical equipment from the same manufacturers, so that we do not betray our main principle which is high quality. It is difficult to speak about prices because the list of our products exceeds several thousands. Prices are dependent on the demand of a particular customer and the product specifications.

How do you attract consumers?

Our sales managers plan visits to clinics and hold presentations there. We actively communicate with specialists in the medical field at local, regional and international events (conferences, congresses, exhibitions, online presentations and trainings), we inform them about our products. Of course, special offers are made according to the request of a particular clinic. Furthermore, we have plans to activate our social media accounts by the end of 2021. Our first online shop is scheduled to open also by the end of the year.

How competitive is the market?

As you know, the Georgian market is an open market and there is high competition. Low quality products at a low price often uncontrollably enter the market. Of course, we do not compete with them, our focus is on the high and medium quality products where we are competitive with the help of our world-renowned partners.

What was the impact of pandemic on the company?

The pandemic has had an impact on both sales and the working style of AMTS; we have tried to introduce remote-working where possible. As for sales, it can be said that the demand was redistributed from the equipment segment to the disposables segment. The share of equipment sales decreased and the share of sales of disposables increased, including the sales of products which have been used in the fight against coronavirus.

Have you introduced any innovations during the pandemic?

Yes, we are glad that despite the pandemic in 2020 we were able to implement two large projects. The first is the launch of DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) implants which we launched with the support of our partner company Medtronic at the Aversi Clinic, Tbilisi. We also introduced for the first time the use of an automatic insulin delivery system (Insulin Pump) for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. We implemented this project also in collaboration with Medtronic. And of course, our greatest achievement of 2020 is the ISO 9001 certification.

Congratulations on receiving the Golden Brand award. What has brought your company such success?

Thank You! Receiving this award is very important for us. This is the second year AMTS has been named a golden brand. I think that our company has two main advantages: consumer and a high-quality-focused orientation and highly professional and united team. Hopefully, we will meet the expectations of our consumers in the future.

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