Radio Maestro Takes Steps to Support Business Amid Pandemic

Radio Maestrio, which turned 10 years old in May 2021, has taken several steps to support business, particularly local businesses, amid the pandemic.

The radio station has presented a new project, Consumer News, to inform the public about the activities and news of various companies which operate in the country.

“Our motto for this year is ‘Radio Maestro in support of business’. Consumer News and many of our activities for 2021 will serve the goal,” Tamar Bakuradze, head of Marketing and Sales Department of Radio Maestro, Radio Vinyl and Radio Mshvidi told Golden Brand.

Bakuradze says that 2020 was a ‘very difficult year’ for everyone and especially for business and economy and the fields need encouragement.

“We, as a media outlet, have decided to support and encourage business in this very difficult time,” she said.

Bakuradze states that the 10th anniversary of Radio Maestro coincided with the pandemic which significantly changed the working style of the media outlet.

“On May 1, 2021 Radio Maestro turned 10. This is a special date for each employee. It is the ninth year I have been working for Maestro and, actually, we have gone through all stages of development.

Tamar Bakuradze

It is not only a job for me, it is my home and everyone, who has worked for Maestro even for a short time, feels the same. We are very proud of unity and teamwork. Of course, there have been bad and good days.

However, we have always tried to create something new and offer it to consumers,” Bakuradze said.

She stated that Maestro’s Radio Vinyl FM 99.7’, which was created back back in 2013, has become a ‘favorite radio station’ for many listeners because of its ‘refined playlist’. 

“During the pandemic, calmness became an even more valuable and necessary feature, so Georgian Vinyl was rebranded and Mshvidi Radio (Quiet Radio) FM 93.1 was created,” Bakuradze said.

Q. Which of your offerings are the most in demand?

A. Radio Maestro is focused on news. We have political, economic, business programmes, as well as programmes on issues which are particularly interesting for the public. For instance, Maestro Anatomy has attracted much attention during the pandemic.

Q. Approximately how many listeners do you have on a daily basis?

A. Given that Radio Maestro FM 94.7 is the only 24/7 radio in Georgia, I would say that it has exactly as many listeners as many people are interested in current news in Georgia. As you know, interest in news is always high in the country.

However, there are programmes, especially interactive programmes, which show particular popularity. For instance, we have a programme called the ‘People’s View’ and during the programme we receive dozens of calls.

Q. How competitive is the market and what are your advantages?

A. There are about 45 radio stations on the Georgian market today, so the competition is quite high. Over the years, our impartiality, independence and being quick to react have led to high trust in listeners. We are very proud of this.

Q. Are you planning to expand, add new employees in these conditions?

A.Given the current reality, we are glad that the company has managed to maintain its staff. Although, we have many interesting plans which we will implement in the future.

Q. What made 2020 special for your radio?

A. 2020, of course, was a year of difficulties and challenges and we believe that we have successfully accomplished the year.

 Each crisis creates new opportunities and we have used this opportunity. Radio Maestro has shown that it remains the most effective means of communication and information in emergency situations.

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