Georgian Poultry Brand Noste to Open 60 New Branded Stores in Tbilisi

Georgian Poultry Production, whose brand Noste has become the winner of the local business award the Golden Brand, is going to expand in the capital city of Tbilisi and open 60 new branches for its produce to be accessible to every customer of the city.

Currently, Noste chicken are available at 42 branded stores in Tbilisi.

Georgian Poultry Production was founded in 2018 and as Giorgi Pirtskhalaishvili, Director General of the company says, it is one of the largest and the most complex enterprises in Georgia that carries out a full poultry production cycle.

“The produce has been on the market for about a year under the Noste brand and is progressing very fast”, said Pirtskhalaishvili.

The main production site of Noste is located in Kaspi, a region in central Georgia. The production process includes five main stages: growth-feeding of hen, incubation of eggs, growth-feeding of broiler chicken and the production of raw meat.

The company also operates a feedmill which is equipped with modern food storage silos.

Giorgi Pirtskhalaishvili

The company produces 2,000,000 broilers annually.

“Noste chickens are fed with corn and soy. In order to ensure food safety, the universal method of HACCP system has been implemented at our plant. The introduction of HACCP standards and the full integration of food control mechanisms allow us to offer customers guaranteed high quality, safe products and provide the market with products free of hormonal and genetically modified additives”, Pirtskhalaishvili said.

Q. Noste has achieved success on the local market, which is proved by this year’s Golden Brand award. What are your plans regarding export?

A. The company exports day-old chickens to Armenia and Azerbaijan as of today.

It is also planned to supply frozen products to these countries in the future.

Q. Noste is a young brand but can you tell us what is the market share the brand has occupied so far?

A. It is too early to talk about specific numbers today.

I can tell you that the company has managed to play an important role in the market in this short period of time. Customer feedback and the pace of the company’s development give us reason to say that in the near future Noste will become a leading company on the Georgian meat market. The quality of Noste really allows us to be confident and motivated.

Q. What are the challenges your business faces today and what are the recent developments?

A. As for the challenges, the main challenge is the change in the price of raw materials.

The main ingredients of the food used in the production are corn and soy. Consequently, the increase in the value of grain has a very large impact on production.

Also, of course, the fluctuation of the exchange rate of the Georgian national currency, lari, and the general economic situation, are important and should be taken into account, in terms of purchasing power and not only.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. What led Noste to this success in your opinion?

A. This is the first Golden Brand for us and I hope there are many more victories ahead of us.

We really have reason to be optimistic, because the company has all the conditions to be a leader in the field of poultry production.

We appeared on the market just a year ago and our network is expanding daily, while Noste has become a favorite and trusted brand of consumers.

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