Top quality, Four-Ply Papia Toilet Paper To Appear on Georgian Market

Geostar LTD, Georgia’s one of the major distribution companies, says that a four-ply Papia toilet paper will appear on the Georgian market soon.

“We are making further emphasis on quality,” Aleksandre Kandelaki, Head of non-food direction of the company told Golden Brand.

The company has been importing Papia toilet paper since 2009 mainly from Turkey and a small portion of the hygiene paper from Russia.

The hygiene paper is present in about 7,000 trade facilities throughout Georgia.

Kandelaki says, that the market is quite competitive. ‘However, Papia has all the advantages comparing to competitors.’

“The quality of Papia hygiene paper is the best on the market, as well as the price comparing to its quality. We also have motivated and professional team which is working around the clock to develop the brand,” Kandelaki says.

He states that although Papia is a premium quality toilet paper, price is available for all segments.

“Our sales statistics also shows this,”Kandelaki said.

Q. How often do you offer promotions, discounts to consumers?

A.We offer interesting promotions and discounts to consumers every month. 

Q. Generally, how do you attract consumers?

A. We attract customers primarily by the product quality, price, stable delivery and partnership attitude.

Q.What was the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on sales?

A. The pandemic certainly had an impact on our brand. It may be surprising, but at the beginning of the pandemic there was an absolute boom in hygiene papers. Then there was a decline, but overall we managed to maintain the growing trend we have had from year to year, despite all challenges.

Q. What helped you to adapt to the reality caused by the pandemic?

A. We have become more focused on details and began to fill all remaining niches. We also developed several new directions.

Q. Have you introduced any innovations specifically during the pandemic?

A. Yes, we had to introduce several innovations during the pandemic. For instance, we have changed the bonus system for the sales team and introduced an additional incentive system for them. The steps led to the maintenance of the growing rate.

Q. Congratulations on receiving the Golden Brand. Can you name the specific activities of 2020 that have brought you this award?

A. At the beginning of the pandemic, when most companies increased  prices for their products, we took social responsibility and maintained the initial price for about two months. That time we sold the products without profit. However, through these steps we tried to ease the burden for people who appeared in a difficult situation due to the pandemic.

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