Nestlé to Bring Nan Supreme 3 Growing Up Milk for Kids in Georgia

One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies Nestlé expanded its portfolio in Georgia with the premium brand of Nan Supreme 3, whose products are made with partially hydrolyzed 100% whey from cows’ milk and Oligosaccharides, structurally identical to those found in breast milk, to support little ones building their nutritional foundation during early life.

“We are expanding our portfolio with different size packaging to broaden opportunities for our customers. This applies to all our brands: Nan 3, Nestogen 3, Gerber, Nestle porridge and purees”, said Elena Zlatogorskaya, BEO Infant Nutrition Uzbekistan and Caucasus.

Golden Brand winner in the category of ‘favorite children’s nutrition company’ Nestlé first appeared in Georgia at the end of the 19th century and this is proved by the 1889 publication, which was published in the newspaper Iveria.

The first product Nestlé brought to Georgia was milk powder.

Elena Zlatogorskaya

Since then the company has expanded on the Georgian market with a diverse infant nutrition product portfolio which has become the number one favorite of Georgian customers.

Currently Nestlé offers Georgian customers around 65 infant nutrition products that are available at almost all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacy networks in the country.

Q. Last year Nestlé was planning to bring children’s nutrition productions to various, difficult-to-reach mountain regions in Georgia. How did you fulfill this plan taking into account the pandemic?

A. Last year Nestlé covered almost all the regions of Georgia. We brought our products to the mountainous Adjara region, Lechkhumi and Svaneti regions.

We are cooperating with local pharmacy chains, for example our products are available in Aversi, PSP, GEPHA and Impex.

Q. What are the main commitments of Nestlé?

A. Nestlé’s main goal is to provide customers with safe, nutritionally rich products. I think that says it all.

Q. How does Georgia follow Nestlé development trends? I mean, are all new products of Nestlé available in our country?

A. Nestle worldwide has over 2000 brands. We bring products to the market based on deep consumer understanding and research, to better satisfy consumer needs on particular markets. continuously develop our portfolio in Georgia, aiming to bring high quality products across the number of product categories, including infant nutrition.

Q. From which countries are Nestlé products imported to Georgia?

A. Nestlé products that are imported to Georgia are produced in Switzerland, Germany, France and Poland..

Q. In recognition of Nestlé’s leadership in nutrition, health and wellness, the brand has become a Golden Brand winner in Georgia, named by customers and over 200 experts as their favorite children’s nutrition brand in Georgia for the fourth time. In your opinion what led Nestlé to this success in Georgia?

A. We welcome healthy competition on the market. We strive to meet the recommendations of the World Health Organization and Georgian legislation regarding the marketing of breast milk substitutes.

We do our best to deliver scientific information on nutritiology and our products to doctors in order to let them make informed prescriptions.

We are trying to expand distribution throughout Georgia and cover high mountainous regions as well.

We strive to bring products that will be available to any stratum of our society.

Being named the leading brand in Georgia in the field of children’s nutrition is a big motivation for our team, which will encourage us to bring new products to Georgia and develop further in the country.

High quality and a team of professionals – this is what has made for Nestlé’s success.

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